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In order to become a Can U member, complete all of the courses below, starting with Silencers 101. As you finish each lesson, the subsequent lesson will become available and will remain available indefinitely for further reference. Look for a “Course Links” section within each lesson for course specific supplemental materials, as well as embedded videos for detailed demonstrations.

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  Silencers 101
Definitions and History
What is a silencer? This course covers the definition and basic history of silencers.

  Silencers 102
How does a silencer work? This course covers the mechanics behind firearm suppression and common firearm noise sources.

  Silencers 201
Mounting Systems
How do silencers attach? This course describes the differences between Integral, Direct Thread and Fast Attach/Detach silencers.

  Silencers 202
“Wet” vs. “Dry”
What does it mean to shoot “Wet” or “Dry”? This course explains the differences between “Wet” and “Dry” silencer applications.

  Silencers 203
From shooter to bystander, this course outlines the various advantages of suppressed shooting.

  Silencers 301
The National Firearms Act of 1934
This section provides an in-depth look into the National Firearms Act and its subsequent amendments.

  Silencers 302
Legality & Ownership
For everyone who asks: Is silencing a crime? AAC’s answer: Silencing is not a crime. Here’s why.

  Silencers 401
AAC History & Design
Who is Advanced Armament, what do they do, and why should I care? It’s all in these slides.

  Silencers 402
Cleaning and Maintenance
Ever wondered how to clean and maintain your silencer? Here’s your answer.

  Undergraduate Exam
Undergrad Exam
Test your knowledge with 10 simple questions to get certified!